Karlea Brown

About Our Instructor

Karlea Brown Orrison has been operating in, educating, leading, and empowering the world of emergency telecommunications for nearly two decades across the United States. She currently serves as Administrator of Training with Frederick County Emergency Communications in Frederick, Maryland, where she began her career in October 2006. She holds various certifications, including ENP, CISM, PIO, QA, and instructor-based variants such as ETC-I, CPR, and other locality-specific programs. Throughout the years, Karlea has taken multiple opportunities to spread her love for this career across state lines, teaching, and consulting for independent contractors from coast to coast. Her educational passion focuses on mental health, leadership growth, and effective communication, which heavily factor in her sessions. When she can relax at home, Karlea enjoys time with her Husband, Christopher, and her two sons, Wyatt, and Archer.

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