Domestic Violence; Why They Stay

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About this course

This session will discuss the mind set of a domestic violence victim and why they continue to stay in their unhealthy environment despite repeated abuse. You will hear firsthand from a domestic violence victim to try and understand the answer to the question, why they stay. This class is designed to help telecommunicators handle these calls with empathy and understanding and give them firsthand knowledge to help.

Attendees will learn how to listen for clues and signs on multiple topics of domestic violence such as strangulation, demeanor of the caller, and more, as well as how to process the calls and speak with the victim's or abusers. You will gain specific knowledge on how to handle these calls, what to
listen for and resources to help both the dispatcher and the caller.

This course is taught by domestic abuse survivor Tanya Lee, and Tina DeCola with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue. (8 hours)

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