Combating Complacency

"Combating Complacency & Giving Feedback" Hayward, CA 6/5/2024

Hayward Police Department


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Wednesday, June 5th, 2024 · 8am - 5pm EST

It can be easy to slip into complacency when day to day tasks become familiar and almost routine. This can cause dispatchers to become less attentive, thorough, and potentially allow standards to slip. This session looks at how we prepare for the unexpected and maintain our focus despite the ease of complacency.

Knowing how to give and receive feedback effectively can change the course of one’s career. Every opportunity to give feedback or when we receive it is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and others. This session will focus on two types of feedback, how to give it effectively, and how to receive it. How to handle criticism and use it for growth will also be discussed. 8 hours

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Hayward Police Department

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