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Session: "9-1-1 Communications Response to the Active Shooter"

Mike Clumpner & David Bradshaw

Mike Clumpner, PhD, MBA, CHS, NRP, CCEMTP, PNCCT, EMT-T, TP-C, FP-C is a co-founder and President/Chief Executive Officer at Threat Suppression, Incorporated. Mike has a doctoral degree in homeland security leadership and policy from Northcentral University where he graduated with highest honors. Mike conducted his dissertation research on integrated active shooter response. Mike has lectured globally on numerous topics, training more than 60,000 responders in the last two years. The Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Education all recognize Mike as one of the nation's foremost experts on integrated active shooter response.

Mike is also a full time fire captain with a large, metropolitan fire department in the Southeast. He is a 25-year veteran of the fire service, with 23 years’ experience as a firefighter/paramedic serving on busy inner-city fire companies. Mike is currently a captain on a busy ladder company that responds to approximately 3,500 emergencies each year in a densely populated portion of the city. Mike is a Medical Task Force Leader assigned to an Urban Search and Rescue Task Force in the Southeast. Mike also previously work for nine and a half years as a helicopter flight paramedic at a Level I trauma center in South Carolina. Mike is also distinguished faculty where he teaches critical care transport medicine with a large university in the Northeast. Mike has also served as an expert witness for multiple medical malpractice cases involving ground/flight critical care transport providers, EMS providers, and law enforcement response to active shooter events. 

Mike is a sworn law enforcement officer with the state's largest law enforcement agency where he is a SWAT operator/senior tactical paramedic. As a law enforcement tactical instructor, Mike has provided training for numerous local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Mike is also currently employed as a counter-terrorism response adviser/instructor with the Department of Homeland Security where he is responsible for authoring DHS curriculum and lecturing in a variety of programs. Mike is recognized by the federal government as a subject matter expert in active shooter response, terrorism/counter-terrorism response, mass violence response, and WMD/CBRNE response. Mike previously spent five years as an instructor for the United States Department of Justice in Quantico, Virginia, teaching numerous classes for the FBI, DEA, ATF, DHS, U.S. Marshals, and the White House Chief Medical Staff.

Mike is also a co-chair of a large, metropolitan Active Shooter Taskforce. This group was responsible for creating a unified police/fire/EMS response plan for one of the largest cities in the United States. The protocol and subsequent training was one of the largest public safety active shooter projects ever completed in the United States. Mike is also a co-chair of the North Carolina Active Assailant Workgroup, and he serves on the federal government's Interagency Board's Active Shooter Best Practice Workgroup, where he is the lead for the Training and Exercise Subcommittee. Mike is also an appointed subject matter expert on the National Fire Protection Association’s Active Shooter Incident Technical Code Committee, responsible for creating active shooter training, equipment, and response guidelines for all United States fire departments. Mike has assisted more than 750 agencies with developing active shooter response plans and training exercises. Mike has also designed, directed, or evaluated more than 75 large-scale active shooter exercises and 40 active shooter tabletop exercises.

During the 2012 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte, North Carolina, Mike worked with the United States Secret Service as a member of the Health and Medical Committee where he served as Chief of the Joint Medical Operations Center (JMOC) during this National Special Security Event (NSSE). Mike had an integral part in the planning and response for multiple hospitals and EMS agencies, as well as numerous state and federal health and medical assets.

Mike has undergraduate degrees in fire science, paramedicine, and business administration; a master’s degree in business administration from Elon University, and a PhD in homeland security policy with high honors from Northcentral University. Mike’s dissertation research focused on integrated police/fire/EMS response to active shooter events. Mike published the world's first and only doctoral dissertation on the subject of active shooter response. Mike has spent more than 10,000 hours researching some of the world's most notorious killers; with a particular emphasis on active shooters, school shooters, and terrorist mass killers. Mike has personally interviewed numerous responders and survivors from multiple active shooter events. Mike also served as a deputy incident commander for a reported active shooter event at a large mall occupied with 15,000 shoppers on Christmas Eve, 2015. One person was killed and seventeen were injured in the event.

Mike is retained as an active shooter and terrorism expert with more than 150 major media outlets, including ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, NBC News, and CNN where he has provided expert commentary after multiple active shooter and terrorist events. Mike has been interviewed by numerous major newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. Mike has published multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals throughout the world and he has authored/co-authored 10 textbooks on emergency medicine, critical care medicine, and homeland security. Mike has lectured extensively throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean presenting at more than 300 major conferences and symposiums. Mike has received more than 40 commendations and awards, including named the 2009 International Flight Paramedic of the Year by Bell Helicopters. Mike actively serves as a member of multiple local, state, and federal active shooter response work groups.

David Bradshaw is a Consultant and Social Media Director with Threat Suppression, Incorporated. David is a 30-year veteran of emergency services and has extensive experience as a firefighter, EMT, and 911 telecommunicator.

David spent 16 years active fire service with 13 of those with in the largest combination paid/volunteer fire department in the country, serving the Washington, D.C. area where he was a fire captain/EMT. David has responded to more than 9,000 emergency incidents in his career and holds several levels of certifications in both firefighting and as a fire officer. David also worked as a telecommunicator for police/fire/EMS in a large communications center outside of Washington, D.C., and was directly involved in the response and communications center efforts for the September 11th Pentagon attack.

David is currently the Senior Shift Supervisor for a 911 Communications Center with a large, metropolitan fire department. The department responds to more than 130,000 emergency calls annually. David has been recognized in the past as the Supervisor of the Year for the 911 center. David also works part-time for a police agency as a telecommunicator and maintains North Carolina Sheriff's standards certification for dispatchers, as well as DCI and NCIC certifications. David is FEMA certified as a basic public information officer from the National Fire Academy. He is also FEMA certified in disaster response and recovery using social media.

During the 2012 Democratic National Convention (a National Special Security Event) in Charlotte, North Carolina, David assisted in the planning of communications coverage and operations for the city outside of the convention footprint, assuring seamless coverage and protection to the rest of the citizens and visitors to the city.

David has a passion for the effective use of social media during active violence incidents, covering all aspects of its use from the first 911 call till the last responder clears the incident. David has also studied the personal use of social media by emergency responders, and the effect of the “career suicide by social media”.  David has developed/coordinated/maintained social media and public relations efforts for several high profile organizations relating to public safety and the fire service. David can assist agencies with training responders on the responsible use of social media to avoid negative publicity, employment issues, or civil/criminal liability.

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