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Denise Amber Lee Foundation

Session: "A Victim’s Plea: Meeting Expectations"

Nathan Lee & Ryan Chambers

Nathan is the widowed husband of Denise. Inspired by the outpouring of community support in the aftermath of his wife’s murder in 2008, Nathan launched the Denise Amber Lee Foundation in June of 2008. He has made it his life’s work to honor his courageous wife by promoting better training, standardized protocols, and technological advances for 9-1-1 so that it meets the expectations of all citizens. Upon graduation from high school, Nathan was honored with a Congressional nomination to the United States Naval Academy but was unable to attend. An accomplished musician Nathan attended Jacksonville University on a music and Naval ROTC scholarships. He later attended the University of South Florida.

Nathan and the work of the foundation were recently honored by five national public safety organizations and the Congressional E9-1-1 Caucus as a testament to his determination to be a positive force for change. He has traveled to 47 states telling Denise's story.

Nathan currently resides in Englewood, Florida with his two sons Noah and Adam, and daughter Avery.



Ryan Chambers is currently the Director of Project Management for the Denise Amber Lee Foundation, coordinating all training, events, consulting, and QA project. Ryan has been an instructor with the Foundation for 3 years and full time since 2016.

Ryan has been in public safety since 2006 when he began with the fire service in Guilford County, NC. After a short time, injury led Ryan into the 911 center with Guilford Metro 911 located in Greensboro, NC. Guilford Metro 911 is a large consolidated center with a very elaborate training program. During his time with GM 911, Ryan gained the knowledge and respect from peer to offered a job with UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Public Safety. Upon his arrival at UNC, Ryan dedicated his time to enhancing training and employee readiness using an updated training program his used as lead CTO.

Ryan holds certifications from IAED for Advanced EMD, EFD, and ETC, as well as APCO CTO certifications. During Ryan’s career, he has been a resource for centers working on policies, procedures, QA processes, and developing training.

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