Program Funds

The Denise Amber Lee Foundation has identified three (3) areas of focus.

Fund #1: Education/Public Awareness

This fund will allow members of the foundation to reach out to the public about the importance of a well trained, well managed 9-1-1 center and the horrifying consequences of 9-1-1 system failure.  This fund will allow members of the foundation to reach out to the public through printed publications, speaking engagements, educational seminars, video productions, Public Service Announcements, and cover travel expenses to regional, state and national conferences.

Fund #2: 9-1-1 Training and Professional Development

This fund will be used to help 9-1-1 call takers, dispatchers, trainers, and supervisors pay for training and certification expenses.  It will also be used for continuing education expenses as well as encouraging and facilitating 9-1-1 personnel to attend professional development conferences and events.


Fund #3: Financial Assistance for Victims

Inspired by the financial outpouring from the community in the aftermath of Denise’s murder, this fund will be used to assist victims and victim’s families during their time of grieving.  The last thing a family or individual needs to think about in this recovery period is paying bills.  This fund can be used to pay medical bills, funeral costs, monthly bill support, trust funds, and education funds for surviving family members, etc.

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